Pros And Cons Of Taking An X-Ray

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Each year, many people, with a seven out of ten count undergo dental or medical X-ray. However, taking an X-ray is one of the primary sources of radiation exposure, especially in the medical field where hundreds of x-ray are undertaken by several patients. This is due to the fact that x-ray functions by emitting radioactive substance in order to capture specific images. The process is done by sending out very tiny particles known as photons inside the body and capturing them through a special computer of film. These particles are the same with the radiation emitted by the sunlight and it travels inside the body in a relatively same way. Due to the fact the x-ray particles known as photons can easily move through air, they appear to be black if captured in an x-ray film. The blood and other fluid substance inside the body appear as gray due to the fact that these photons can somehow penetrate through liquid. The important part though is that these photons cannot penetrate dense matters so it won’t penetrate inside bones, teeth, which make them appear to be white when captured in the computer. Radiologists are the medical personnel who are trained to give x-ray examinations inside the medical setting.  


Given that it used a thousand times in the medical field, x-rays are a very useful  tool in diagnosis due to the fact that they can provide doctors and medical professionals accurate images that cannot be viewed without making intrusive and complex medical procedure like operation. By illuminating the skeletal system of a person, doctors can now diagnose safely any bone damages and other fractures that are dangerous and painful to heal if not checked what the result really is. X-rays are also useful in identifying bodily blockages that are suspected by the doctors such as gallstones, kidney stones, and other suspected clots that needs immediate yet thorough intervention. X-rays are really useful especially during emergency operations where accuracy and speed is really needed.  

Despite those catchy pros, x-rays also have disadvantages. There is a possibility that if you frequently undergo one, it can cause cellular damage because the radiation can remove existing electrons from the atoms that they come in contact. No matter how small this risk is, it can still contribute to bigger cellular damage than can sooner cause cancer. X-ray also has a chance in making a particular person infertile due to the fact that the cellular damage it causes can affect sperm cells and egg cells. Potentially, x-rays can also be very dangerous for very small children. So it is very important that if necessary, they should not undergo it if there are safer alternatives that can still be undergone. Taking an x-ray in a pregnant woman can also cause defects to the unborn child.  

X-rays can indeed be pretty dangerous. However, professionals can say that the advantages can greatly outweigh the possible consequences it gives to a person taking it. In order to ensure safety, wear an x-ray badge to diagnose radiation exposure and choose a trained and licensed professional in performing this important yet dangerous undertaking for you.  

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